your one-stop solution to professional video production in Malaysia! For over 18 years, our company has strived to produce exceptional videography services worldwide - ranging from commercial video production, corporate video production, and event video production. Here, we believe in efficiency and proficiency in even the smallest  of tasks we take on board, read more

Pre Production


Post Production

Pre Production where it all begins. Once you entrust us with advancing your story, we start by learning about your company and brand (objectives, key audiences, etc.). In the first stage, we’ll work hand in hand with you to develop the concept, story-line, and script, as well as the organisation of locations, talent, and production schedule.

Production - where ideas come to life.

After everything is finalized in the first stage, the filming takes place! The

whole procedure is exciting, our excellent camera crews come together to make magic happen. In this stage, we’ll make sure to get all the footage needed to fulfill your brand’s vision. 

Post-production - where everything is finalized. After all the shooting is completed, the editing finally comes to play. Editing involves arranging all the clips, adding music, graphics, voice overs, and most importantly, creating a perfect video that portrays the objective. At this stage, we’ll work closely with you for feedback until the video is ideal.

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