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Lord's Tailor opening event videography

Updated: Apr 3

Believe it or not, I even didn't know where the location is.

That was in 2013, in a very delightful and rainy evening I arrived at the venue in Bangsar shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, I had no script, no storyboard and no briefing, I just knew who the client was and what I am gonna do.

I picked up my camera, hooked that up on my monopod and then I started to walk around, of course, I was so proud that I was the videographer of that event. so I had like 30 minutes to figure out what I am gonna do, I was thinking so hard, I was just walking around to find my ideas, I wasn't really ready, because I had no site recce, suddenly I saw a very nice gentleman in a corner of the shop whom he was cutting a cloth, so I said I found it, he was a very experienced tailor in Malaysia, so I asked him to get the permission he told me he's bought his scissors from Amazon through Lazada in Malaysia, you can see his scissors are very cool, then I captured some nice close shots of his cutting and the sound of the scissors embedded on post production.

so that was the story of the beginning of that corporate event.

my camera was a canon 5DIII and I edited it in Adobe CS5 in 2013.

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