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Preserving Zaha Hadid's Legacy: Videography at the Singapore Event and Gallery in 2017


In 2017, the world had the privilege of experiencing the captivating work of the late architectural visionary, Zaha Hadid, through a remarkable event and gallery held in Singapore. As a videographer entrusted with capturing the essence of this extraordinary gathering, I had the distinct honour of documenting the event and preserving the legacy of Zaha Hadid through the art of videography. This article explores my role and the significance of videography in immortalizing such a momentous occasion.

Unveiling Zaha Hadid's Influence:

Zaha Hadid's architectural genius left an indelible mark on the world, and the event and gallery in Singapore served as a testament to her enduring influence. As a videographer, my primary objective was to capture the spirit and impact of Zaha Hadid's works on display, as well as the emotions and reactions they evoked among attendees. Through the lens of my camera, I aimed to showcase the profound influence that Zaha Hadid's designs had on the architectural and artistic community.

Challenges and Preparations:

Videography at a prestigious event and gallery requires meticulous planning and careful coordination with the organizers and curators. Familiarizing myself with the event layout, understanding the significance of each displayed piece, and identifying key moments that encapsulated the essence of Zaha Hadid's work were essential preparations. The challenge lay in capturing the event's energy and ambience while focusing on the intricacies of each exhibit, ensuring that the videography conveyed the spirit of Zaha Hadid's visionary designs.

Capturing the Essence of Zaha Hadid:

Zaha Hadid's architectural style was characterized by bold geometries, fluid forms, and a harmonious blend of innovation and functionality. Through my videography, I aimed to translate these defining elements into a visually captivating narrative. By focusing on the interplay of light and shadow, the intricate details of each exhibit, and the emotional reactions of visitors, I sought to capture the essence of Zaha Hadid's design philosophy and her enduring impact on the world of architecture.

Preserving the Event's Legacy:

Videography played a vital role in preserving the legacy of the Zaha Hadid event and gallery in Singapore. By skillfully documenting the event's highlights, including presentations, speeches, and interactions, I captured the energy and excitement surrounding Zaha Hadid's work. These videos became valuable records, not only for the organizers and attendees but also for future generations of architects, artists, and admirers who seek to explore and understand Zaha Hadid's visionary creations.

Showcasing Zaha Hadid's Artistic Vision:

Through careful editing and storytelling, I transformed the raw footage into compelling video content that encapsulated the Zaha Hadid event and gallery in Singapore. By highlighting the breathtaking beauty of each exhibit, the thought-provoking designs, and the immersive experiences within the gallery space, I aimed to convey the depth and breadth of Zaha Hadid's artistic vision. These videos became powerful tools for promoting the event, raising awareness of Zaha Hadid's legacy, and inspiring future creative endeavours.


As a videographer at the Zaha Hadid event and gallery in Singapore in 2017, I had the honour of documenting and preserving the influence and legacy of this architectural visionary. Through meticulous planning, capturing the essence of Zaha Hadid's designs, and skilful editing, I was able to convey the profound impact of her work on the architectural and artistic community. By preserving this event through videography, I contributed to the lasting legacy of Zaha Hadid, ensuring that her extraordinary vision and artistic contributions continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

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